Blue Line Solutions is comprised of subject matter experts in de-escalation, strategic/tactical communication, crisis negotiations, drugs & controlled substances, active shooter prevention and response, and survival mindset.

Highly Trained

Security Services

Blue Line Solutions is comprised of retired military and police officers, each of whom is highly trained and experienced. Our team all left their careers in law enforcement in good standing and many of us still maintain our State of California (Peace Officer Standards and Training) law enforcement certificates. We are all armed and licensed and insured.

Our Specialty


Criminal and administrative investigations are our specialties. We are able to leverage our extensive experience as both criminal and administrative (internal affairs) detectives to provide top-notch investigations. Depending on the circumstances, we will liaison with local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office in order to significantly improve the likelihood of criminal prosecution. 

Industry Leading

Drone Services

Our FAA certified drone pilots are available for any number of client needs. Our pilots have been trained by the DEA to spot outdoor, illicit cannabis grows and indications of cannabis grows. We can covertly spot evidence of trespassers, indications of water diversion, broken fence lines, or illegal and poisonous chemical disposal. We can even locate missing cattle and livestock. Our drones can fly in remote, hard to reach areas that cowboys on horseback are unable to access.

Hire With Confidence

Background Checks

Our investigators will not only check common criminal databases and run credit checks, but we will do our due diligence and uncover meaningful details about applicants and future employees. Our team members have over ten years of experience in conducting pre-employment background investigations for local government.