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In 2022 nearly every dealership in the Bakersfield Auto Mall was suffering from recurring thefts of vehicles and catalytic converters. These auto thefts were costing the car dealerships hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, parts, and insurance costs. To make things worse, these dealerships were also paying for on-site security, which was proven completely ineffective.

Then they called us. We have put a complete stop to the catalytic converter thefts and have reduced overall crime by 99%. Today, we protect nearly every dealership in the Bakersfield Auto Mall.

KERO 23 News Interviews Blue Line Solutions on Rising Bakersfield Auto Mall Crime

Recently featured on KERO Channel 23.

In an interview with Bakersfield Channel 23 ABC, B.L. Solutions detailed how they’ve all but eliminated the vandalism and theft problems that have plagued the Auto Mall in recent months.

“We have had problems with auto thefts in general in the city of Bakersfield...”

– Andrew Tipton, BPD

B.L. Solutions came in and solved the problem with a combination of the electric fences, cameras, and putting well-qualified boots-on-the-ground security guards in place.

B.L. Solutions works closely with local law enforcement agencies, like BPD.

Regarding BPD's alliance with B.L. Solutions, Tipon said:

“We develop these partnerships where they know what it is we’re looking for, and we’ve dealt with them, so we’re comfortable with them, and we can get things done effectively.”

Watch the entire news segment below!  See how B.L. Solutions solved the Auto Mall’s problems, and how they can do the same for you.

Richard Garrett Blue Line Solutions Owner Interviewed by KERO 23 News on Increasing Auto Dealership Crime in Bakersfield

B.L. Solutions on KERO Channel 23

B.L. Solutions founder Richard Garrett recently discussed the rise of crime at local Bakersfield auto dealerships on KERO 23 News. Our security teams have witnessed concerning overnight break-ins, thefts and vandalism at several vehicle lots despite camera systems being in place. However, B.L. Solutions has eliminated nearly all crime for their clients in the Auto Mall.  Learn why our layered prevention approach is the only solution. See the full segment above!


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