Drone Services

Our FAA certified drone pilots are available for any number of client needs. Our pilots have been trained by the DEA to spot outdoor, illicit cannabis grows and indications of cannabis grows. We can covertly spot evidence of trespassers, indications of water diversion, broken fence lines, or illegal and poisonous chemical disposal. We can even locate missing cattle and livestock. Our drones can fly in remote, hard to reach areas that cowboys on horseback are unable to access.

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Drone Services

In the event we locate illicit cannabis grows, we can liaison with local law and federal law enforcement to ensure the safe eradication of the cannabis plants and associated grow equipment.

We can fly the following types of missions:

  • Real estate photography (and photo/video editing)
  • Fence line inspection
  • Locating missing livestock (we have even had success using our drones to help coral cattle!)
  • Inspect pipelines or waterlines
  • Search private land for trespassers
  • Illegal trash dumping
  • Illegal marijuana growers