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Mission Statement

What Drives Us

The purpose of Blue Line Solutions is to increase value and make a meaningful difference in the companies and people we work with by providing the highest quality investigatory and security services available.

company values

Our Guiding principles

The work produced by Blue Line Solutions will be guided by our core values and principles:

BlueLine Solutions




Blue Line Solutions provides the highest quality security personnel available. Each of our team members are exceedingly well trained, retired law enforcement officers with extensive experience in clandestine operations.

Investigation Services


Our specialty is in investigations. It is our bread and butter. Whether it is an internal administrative investigation or a criminal investigation, we are expertly prepared and equipped to meet any need. We will work directly with local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office to seek the stiffest prosecution available under the law.

Background Checks


Our team members have been specially trained by the State of California to conduct in-depth pre-employment background investigations. We also staff fully licensed polygraphers for lie detector tests.



We offer FAA licensed drone pilots, who have extensive experience and knowledge in airborne operations and aerial surveillance. Our pilots can find your missing livestock, check your fence lines, spot illegal cannabis grows, or provide covert aerial surveillance to protect your business from thieves or trespassers.

Our Commitment